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AV Matters presents:
Tom Stimson’s Intentional Success Webinar Series

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Brand-Building for Profit

February 23, 2PM EST/1PM CST

Tom Stimson will share his best practices for creating brand dominance in your marketplace.

Ideation and Outcome-Based Selling

April 20, 2PM EST/1PM CST

Tom Stimson explains how to leave the world of low-margin, commoditized deals behind and focus on high value results.

The Right Approach to Pre-Job Costing

June 29, 2PM EST/1PM CST

Tom Stimson will share three methods for effective pre-job profit analysis and how to avoid the pitfalls of bad estimating.

The Complete (Small) Business

August 24, 2PM EST/1PM CST

How do you stack up against other companies? In this webinar, Tom Stimson outlines what a fully functioning small business looks like with tips on how to move closer to your ideal model.

The Changing Marketplace

October 26, 2PM EST/1PM CST

The only thing we can count on in business is change. Tom Stimson shares his approaches to adjusting to the ongoing evolution of the AV marketplace.

What Your Numbers Tell Me and Why

December 14, 2PM EST/1PM CST

Small businesses run on numbers, but not everyone understands their significance. In this webinar, Tom Stimson shares his techniques for quickly evaluating a business based on what the financials say.

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Stimson Headshot SCNTom Stimson MBA, CTS helps owners and management teams rediscover the fun and profit that comes from making better decisions about smarter goals. He is an expert on project-based selling and a thought leader for innovative business processes. Since 2006, Tom has successfully advised over two hundred companies and organizations on business strategy, process, marketing, and sales. Learn More at TRSTIMSON.COM

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