What You Missed — May 2019

With commentary by Wallace Johnson

Full Sail to Open Largest On-Campus Esports Arena

Esports is growing at a rapid pace and continues to attract investors from several different industries. As an AV provider, understanding how this market works and being able to support it will help you add this as another business vertical to help grow your profits.

Now that a university like FullSail (which focuses on training students in the digital media, broadcasting, recording arts, film and live event production) is building a permanent structure, the AV community can benefit from their research and talent development. (Especially companies looking to grow in this market!)

Old Post Office Becomes Digital Library and Projection Mapping Canvas

Projection Mapping continues to create experiences that will stop anyone in their tracks. Westbury National does an excellent job on this project, taking a piece of history and giving it a modern flare with the use of projection mapping technology.

The project is not as easy as it looks. It isn’t simply projecting a video onto a building. The case study does a good job telling the story of the challenges and how they overcame them, which I believe is incredibly valuable for other companies that may run into similar situations on future projects.

LIVE! Technologies Purchases Iacono Productions

Another acquisition has happened on the live event side of the industry with Ohio-based LIVE! Technologies purchasing Iacono Productions.

With this acquisition, LIVE! Technologies almost doubles its revenue moving from an estimated $22 million to $37-$39 million. In addition to the revenue growth, LIVE! Technologies will add 90 employees and open new locations in Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

Diversified Closer to Becoming $1B AV Company with Rutledge AV Acquisition

The 1st billion-dollar integrator may be here sooner than we think with Diversified’s recent acquisition of Australia-based Rutledge AV.

It will be fun to watch who makes it there first with AVI-SPL and Diversified both looking to finish over $900 million in 2019. While both companies are on an aggressive course in M&A activity, I’ve heard both CEO’s say that the “B” they are most focused on isn’t “Billion” or the “Biggest”, but the “Best.”

Based on the size of these companies compared to the rest of the industry, it reminds me of the 2000’s Yankees and Red Sox rivalry for some reason.