What You Missed – July 2019

Fly Me To The Moon

The projection mapping project of putting Apollo 11 on the monument is a very cool thing for the AV industry to be showcased like this.

The mapping part is difficult, but what made this an authentic experience from those I have spoken to that attended was the detail of the content… and most importantly the audio that went with the mapping to help create an immersive experience.

While the monument mapping was the highlight of the 50th-anniversary celebration, other events took place that illustrated the impact of an exceptional AV experience. Check out this link for pictures and videos of these different experiences.

8k Projection Brings Wax Figures To Life

This is creepy but cool and brings up an interesting question for the AV industry:

Should more AV companies be hiring content creators?

We know the tech and what it can do, but most companies seem to stop at the point of creating the content. For companies thinking of leaping into the content world, find a content partner first before going on a hiring spree of full-timers.

See how your team and customers respond to this new offering, refine your approach, and build a plan that works best based on what you learned from the partnership.

AV technology revitalizes guest experience

As someone who spent the early part of his career in hotel ballrooms working as an in-house AV provider, it’s great to read that hotels are finally paying more attention to the impact of AV.

If you work in live events, then you’ve probably walked into a ballroom during a site visit and had to crush the client’s dreams and wishes due to the poor design of the room. With hotel brands thinking about establishing AV standards for both inside and outside the ballroom, the technology experiences created temporarily and permanently will improve.