Webinar on The 10 Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

In this 60 minute webinar, Tom Stimson – the Management Guru of the AV Industry will explain 10 Myths that are hurting your Live Event or Production Rental business.

“Thank you for yet another wonderful webinar! I always come away from them with at least one golden nugget of info and the positive knowledge that yes I am on track. Keep up the great work.” – ​Melissa Deslauriers, Assistant Director of Sales, Freeman Audio Visual Canada

Why are sub-rentals and outside labor good for you? What prices do customers really care about? Who should be working in your warehouse? How long should you keep out of date equipment? And much more…

Download handout: Ten Myths Webinar 2015 Handout

Download Q&A: Webinar Questions – 10 Myths