Are You Ready

If you want to understand the value you bring to your customers, ask them. If you want your potential clients to know too, let your customers tell them.

My job as a consultant has evolved over the years for many reasons, but mostly because my clients find new and interesting ways to use me. Several years ago I was trying to describe what I do (the 10 second elevator pitch) and like many business owners I struggled with a suitably succinct expression. Then one day a business acquaintance called me and shared that he was stuck on a problem and needed to figure out the next step. He continued by saying that my writings, seminars, keynotes, and general industry activity (ie: my marketing plan) conveyed to him that I was the person who does that for the industry  and could he become a client. “You are the guy that helps people figure out what to do next.”

So, that became my tagline, “Helping Business Leaders Discover the Next Step”. Today I receive calls from potential new clients that begin with, “I’m ready to figure out the next step,” which always makes my day!

Tom Stimson, MBA, CTS, is president of Stimson Group LLC, a Dallas-based management consulting firm specializing in strategy, process improvement, and market research for the Audiovisual Industry. Tom is a Past-President of InfoComm International and a current member of InfoComm’s Adjunct Faculty. 

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