Webinar on Introduction to Pre-Job Cost System

Are you ready for that “ah-ha” moment about how to price rental-projects? Tom Stimson outlines the first definitive approach to effectively determine your “best price.”

The most challenging management discussion that I regularly  encounter is “How do we determine the price point at which a job is no longer profitable?” Do you find that your team struggles with balancing pricing, discounts, and length of event with customer demands and competitive pressures? In this webinar I will demonstrate how as an industry, AV Rental has created an arbitrary pricing structure and why it is keeping your company from growing.

Download handout: Webinar-Intro to Pre-Job Costing 2015

Download Q&A: Job Costing Webinar 2015 QUESTIONS


“Your concept of Seasonal Pricing I like a lot. Playing pricing based on busy months and slower months… great idea!”

“Outstanding Tom — I am standing and applauding this talk!  Best one yet and SO insightful!!!”

Tom, I had the opportunity to have a few of my staff watch the webinar with me and it was awesome. Sometimes no matter how many times I explain what we are trying to achieve as a company it is met with some apprehension. The Stimson Pre-Job Cost System was easy to understand and succinct and it really started a dialogue. Thank you for making my Friday better.


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