Articles You May Have Missed

We’ve found three interesting items that have a business impact for you to consider.

  • First we share a promotional video on a very cool Augmented Reality solution for live events. There’s more to this story than cool tech.
  • Learn how a digital art exhibition is breaking records for scale and duration. What does that mean for you?
  • Check out the AV Awards 2018 winners recognizing products, projects, and people that are making a difference.

Augmented Reality for Live Events

Most importantly, understand the impact these news stories have on your business.

Check out this video promotion from Creative Technology. The technology they are sharing is of course very cool, but also pay attention to how they tell the story. Great production value too.

Augmented Reality for Live Productions from Creative Technology on Vimeo.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Tom Stimson:

“There’s an important trend behind this piece. The line between creative design and technical presentation is getting blurrier. It is nearly impossible today to create cutting-edge presentations without intimate knowledge of the technology that will be applied to deliver the outcome.

“This represents more than the traditional collaboration between designers and production professionals. They are becoming one in the same. The technology team has to be creative as well.

“Does this help or threaten the creative agencies that bring these awesome projects to us? Can we continue to pretend there is a clear line separating design and delivery? What are your thoughts?”

Wallace Johnson:

“What’s exciting about this video is it serves as an excellent example for presenters and audiences to see how Augmented Reality can make presentations more engaging.

“Presenters are looking for ways to deliver more engaging content, and planners are looking for more creative events. It’s essential for live event companies to have a strategy for how they will incorporate these new technologies into their service offering as clients will be asking sooner than later.”

Digital Art Creates a New Reality

Wow, a 34 projector permanent installation. That’s a great AV project, but this showcase highlights some important trends for our readers.

Chicago gets the worlds largest permanent digital art installation

Why This Matters to Your Business

Tom Stimson:

“The scale and duration of this exhibit is impressive, but what it says to me is that projection technology isn’t obsolete yet! Far from it. Small-scale projection projects may be replaced by LED walls or large LCD, but good old projection just finds new life elsewhere.

“Big mainstream projects like this spark fresh ideas in the marketplace. Be ready for a resurgence in customer focus on creating BIG impressions for their events and installations.

“I am reminded of the museum slide programs from forty-plus years ago and how those exhibits educated a generation on how versatile AV technology can be. This lead to two decades of corporate slide extravaganzas that kept this former AV Technician busy in his salad days.”

Wallace Johnson:

“Many times in events we try to re-create designs we have seen in permanent installations or scaled versions of one-off special events.

“The key for your business to capitalize on this type of project design is to ensure you have resources with the creative and technical knowledge to show a client how they can benefit from telling their story or sharing their message using projection mapping technology.”

Awards with a Holistic Touch

Most awards programs in the AV industry are thin on substance and long on promotion, so it is refreshing that the AV Awards organized by AV Magazine looks broadly at Products, Projects, Companies, and People. In other words, it’s not just about advertisers.

2018 AV Award Winners

Why This Matters to Your Business

Tom Stimson:

“These awards are presented by a UK-based magazine. I encourage you to explore your industry outside of North America (most of our readers are based in the US and Canada) and see what is trending elsewhere.

“You can no longer make the argument that the western side of the pond is the trendsetter. When it comes to compact, versatile products – I find that Europe is quicker to embrace new technology and get them into the field.

“A good example of this is the adoption of LED walls to replace ballroom projection. Meeting venues are smaller in Europe and less versatile in general, so giving up space for projection is more problematic. The US is just starting to see LED walls become as cost-effective as projection in ballroom applications.”

Wallace Johnson:

“Major award shows happen in the motion pictures, television, and the music industry but to see it in the AV industry is pretty cool. If we had a similar event in the states to recognized live event companies would this type of event motivate you or change your creative approach to specific projects? Would your client’s budgets expand to be identified as part of something like this? I can tell you from following the AV Awards socially it brought out excitement, camaraderie and a strong sense of community in the EMEA AV Market. Well done!”