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Educated Guide To Media Servers

Tom Stimson:

The industry needs more articles like this: Explain something so simply that a salesperson like me can understand it. As someone that knows what things do but not how they do them, this guide was just what I needed to sound slightly more educated when I say, “I have an expert for that.”

Wallace Johnson:

As pixels expand and screens get larger, the processing needed to manage all of this content becomes even more critical.

Outside of user preference many companies do a lot of research to decide on the best equipment for their inventory and projects, and in this article, Vickie Claiborne does an excellent job breaking down critical factors to help companies determine what tool would be the right fit.

Walmart Uses VR To Train Employees For Black Friday


The more I learn about the capabilities of Virtual Reality programs, the more frightened I am. Then I see something like this and my faith is renewed.

Imagine using VR to train a stagehand on what happens on a show site. Could you do a VR site survey? What if you recorded the crowd perspective for your client’s event and shared it with them along with some observations about how to improve next year’s event? The mind boggles!


Other than live action on-the-job training, role play is as close as we get to simulating a real-life client experience for people new to our industry.

Seeing how Walmart is using VR for its most stressful shopping day of the year is an excellent example of how companies will be able to improve and expedite getting their staff prepared for customer interaction in an immediate way.

AVIXA Announces 2019 Board of Directors & Leadership Search Committee


I spent 2008-11 as an Officer of AVIXA (then, InfoComm). Prior to that, I was on the board for several years. I have one piece of advice for the new Board Members: Listen politely to your predecessor’s suggestions, but go do your own thing. Associations need to evolve and that begins with you. I know you will have fun and do great things.


As a current board member and active volunteer in the live event community, it’s a great honor and privilege to serve on our industry association board. The diversity of backgrounds and knowledge in the room as we collaborate on providing guidance and oversight to the association’s strategic plan is an experience I enjoy most throughout the year.

This year’s additions are great leaders within the industry made up of various backgrounds which will fit perfectly with the diversity of voices already on the board.

MPI Meeting Outlook Report


This report makes me feel good about the industry’s prospects, but I caution that this is only one external data point. AVM readers should be aware that 2019 holds a lot of uncertainty especially for those of us in the Live Events space.

We are a leading indicator of economic downturns and recessions. Watch for the signs of hedging from your clients. Shrinking budgets, postponed decisions, and shorter lead times all suggest a downturn in the next six months.

Until then, take advantage of every opportunity to capture market share that will tide you over until the downturn (whenever it occurs) ends.


All signs are pointing to a strong economy and growing meeting market in 2019 which is great for the live event community.

An important fact to come out of this article is that face-to-face and virtual meetings are growing and neither one is affecting the other as many planners have feared for years.

Streaming has shown to help increase audiences on future events by keeping a community informed. If your company hasn’t expanded on adding this service yet, it should be something you look to do in 2019.

Hologram Tables To Roll Out In 2019


Imagine doing a creative pitch for a full-blown event production using this technology. Show a 3D version of their room with your one-of-a-kind idea fully animated.

One day? Soon? I hope so!


As someone who grew up loving design work and CAD drawings, I’ve always enjoyed and admired the creation of the miniature 3D architecture models of new buildings, homes, or hospitals sitting in the glass case when you first walk into a building. The lifelike resemblance is something that puts you in awe with the amount of detail involved.

With Holographic tables, the design experience is taken to new levels that one has only dreamed of in Star Trek. Based on these recent developments, I see this being a future business tool to go along with AR/VR/MR Solutions.