Benefits Of Being Active In A Community

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to students about the live event AV industry.

At the end of my presentation, I received a ton of questions. One stood out – other than trade shows, where can I meet other people who work in the live event industry?

As an active member of the AV community,  I recognize there are thousands of companies and individuals in our industry, but not a lot of active communities within it.

Benefits Of Being Active In A Community

A community is an environment of people who come together and identify with each other through common interests and goals. Being an active participant will benefit your company in these three key ways:

1. Business Growth Resources

Recently, one of my clients had a new business opportunity in a different state. It was during their busiest month and week of the year.

Based on margin, location, and timing, they would’ve needed to either turn down this project or lose it due to overbidding.  I was able to refer a local company as a resource, and my client was able to win new business at acceptable margins without burdening the rest of their operation… all thanks to my connections within the AV community.

2. Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Learning from others is critical to career acceleration. It’s why I attend as many community events as possible. One of the values of having an active community is the ability to ask questions and get answers from other peers who have already been down that road you’re headed.

One of my favorite peer-to-peer learning experiences happened a few years ago when listening to another executive talk about how he shifted his project team to a project management collaboration software.

After being intrigued, we exchanged contact info. Later I was able to follow-up and learn more best practices from him as I went down the same transition later on. His sharing of knowledge saved me a lot of headaches on assumptions I thought would work by being able to bounce ideas off of him.

3. Fun & Motivation

What we do in live events AV is pretty cool. If it weren’t, we would have stopped doing it a long time ago.

When you get people together who have fun doing what they do, you form new relationships. You hear a lot of great stories and get the motivation you need to push to the next level.

Telling industry peers about  my goals motivate me. I learn and thrive from their feedback.  They also hold me accountable to following through and complete my goals.

Peers within your community can motivate you, and their success and ideas can inspire you to push yourself and your teams to advance beyond the status quo.

Active AV Communities

Here’s a sampling of active AV communities you can be involved in.

AVIXA Live Event Council

As a former chair of this council, I believe this environment presents an excellent opportunity to benefit from many of the key points I shared above.

The mission of this council is to serve as an advisory group to AVIXA’s strategic plan, advance the interests and capabilities of live event professionals, facilitate the exchange of industry knowledge, expand professional networking opportunities, and encourage continuing education.

This group meets virtually on the second Wednesday of each month for a 1-hour call. Interested in joining?  Click here.

AV-Matters Facebook Group

Between published issues of the AV-Matters newsletter, where do the conversations continue to happen? Right here in the AVM Facebook Group. Find peer-to-peer questions and polls on topics related to sales, marketing, operations, tech and more.

To join, click on our call to action below, or go to the AVM Facebook Page here.

#AVInTheAM – Twitter Chat

AV In The AM is a Twitter chat that takes place on Sunday mornings starting at 8:30 EST.  It’s based on multiple industry related topics posted by Chris Neto, a technology specialist with Barco.

While the conversation is more integration-driven, there’s some insightful discussion that often reaches over into the live event space. If you want to join or read old discussions, CLICK HERE.