Webinar on The Language of Outcome-Based Selling

In this 60 minute webinar, project sales expert Tom Stimson explains the fundamentals of outcome-based selling.

“I was listening raptly and taking a ton of notes – – I recognize in myself the success I have when I’m more outcome based than transactional, and now I realize habits that I can redirect – that is my long way of saying THANK YOU for a powerful and cogent webinar.” – ​Frank Berman, Berman Media Services, Inc.

As organizations learn to shift from selling products and services to benefits and outcomes, they often struggle with abandoning the comfortable words of traditional AV Sales: Best, fast, experience, and price. Finding replacement words is only the beginning. Companies need to adopt brand-based strategies and stories in order to capture the imagination of customers.

Download handout: Language of Outcome Based Selling Handout

Download Q&A: Language of Outcome Based Selling Q&A