Webinar on Effective Prospecting: 100 Days of Leads

Growing your sales is a process that begins with the basics. At a minimum you need a target audience, accurate contact information, and a plan for what to do when you speak to folks. Too often even mature companies have skipped all three steps.

100 Days of Leads is the first in a series of Sales and Marketing training webinars that outline the Stimson Group Selling System. As a company, you have thousands of unverified contacts that represent potential customers, referrals, and leads. Unfortunately, many are hiding in personal databases and address books. We need to tap into this valuable resource and then apply a well-thought out marketing effort to cultivate these contacts. Don’t expect the usual dry approach. The Stimson Group Selling System is a fresh approach to sales team structure and priorities.

Download handout: Webinar- 100 Days of Leads

Download Q&A: Questions from Prospecting Webinar


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