Rent or Purchase Decision Criteria

Tom Stimson, consultant at The Stimson Group and head blogger at talks about the decision criteria for assessing a rent or buy opportunity. 

Rent or Buy? This is a decision consumers make everyday. Do I want to own a 300 pound roto-tiller that I will use once a year or should I rent one? If I rent one, how will I get it home? How long will I really need it? Will I get the project done in one weekend? If you are a rental company, then the decision process for buying new rental stock is not all that different.

There are three main categories of need and each has a different decision criteria. As a consumer, would you buy a roto-tiller in order to be the only one on the block that has one? Yes? Then watch my video…


Each Best Practices video will be added to my YouTube page and as inspiration permits, you may see additional video blogs from time to time. I hope you find the content helpful. -Tom

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