Focus On Your Process To Improve Your Outcomes

How did you do that? If the outcome was great, this question precedes a compliment we all want to receive. If not, be ready for some harsh feedback.

Is your process designed for the outcome you intend? That depends on your limits.

Talking to professionals in the AV industry, you quickly learn there are a lot of passionate storytellers. Many times the story goes along the lines of “we did this awesome project (then they describe what they did) but what was cool was how we did it.”

Usually, the part after “but” is where you see the passion of the story kick in and listeners move closer and lean in. This is the part of the story I call “The Process.”

When you start to focus on “The Process” and not just the outcomes, some beneficial elements stand to improve within your company such as knowledge, skills, communication, collaboration, and culture.

As I look at the industry today I see two primary approaches companies take to manage and execute processes:

Self-Limiting Goals

Companies structure their processes around the resources that are available.

For example, a company selects an inventory management system and then builds their processes around the system. Taking this approach will limit how they’re able to operate since it is depending on the capabilities of the system.

Continuous Improvement

The company creates new resources to remove the limitations of what is currently available.

Recently I spoke with a live event company who showed me a new client communication tool they created. They built it because existing solutions in the market would have made them adjust their process too much from what they have established for their brand. Because of this decision, they now have a unique customer offering to differentiate them from their competition.

There is innovation in both approaches, but companies who take the latter approach tend to separate themselves from their competition.

If you learn to focus on the process more than the outcomes you will see not only does “HOW” you do things improve but the outcomes of “WHAT” you did become better and exceptional for “WHO” you did them for.

Wallace L. Johnson, CTS is Principal of WLJ Consulting which advises live event audiovisual companies on how to “Be Better Now.” Wallace focuses on the core elements of a company: People, Processes, and Technology, which helps them build confidence and trust in what they do, who does it and how they do it.  Wallace sits on AVIXA’s Board of Directors, is Secretary-Treasure of AVIXA’s Foundation Board and is an adviser to several education organizations with courses related to the subject of audiovisual production. Learn More at