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Nationwide Video is the Platinum Sponsor for AV Matters newsletter and website. Their support makes these resources possible and we here at AV Matters can’t thank them enough for their support. Tom Stimson had a chance to catch up with Bret Tracey, President of Nationwide Video, at his company’s booth at LDI in Las Vegas last month.

Bret Tracey NationwideTom Stimson: I can’t imagine that anyone isn’t aware of who Nationwide is, but just in case. What do you guys do?

Bret Tracey: Nationwide Video rents commercial-grade audio, video, lighting and LED equipment to professional rental staging event companies to supplement their inventory – sensibly, affordably and freight free.

A very cool part of what we do is that we often get to be the “AV SEALS of the industry” for our clients. We operate behind the scenes, in emergent situations, when clients are in a jam – we’re there to support them. The “under the radar” approach is critical for the trust we’ve built with our rental staging clients – we want them to be successful and exceed their clients’ vision.

Tom: What makes you so successful? Why do customers keep coming back?

Bret: We really do put our Pro AV staging clients’ needs first, and we’ve earned their trust by performing consistently over 16 years.

Tom: That long? No wonder we look old. So, what’s different about what you do?

Bret: Overall, our target on behalf of our clients is maximized uptime and getting what you pay for from Nationwide Video in terms of peace of mind and solid value. We aren’t just shipping a box. We commit to high-performance gear and operation – gear that’s quality controlled before and after every rental. Clean gear arrives banded, palletized and shrink-wrapped, demonstrating our attention to detail in supporting the success of our clients.

Additionally, those steps provide a visible sign and assurance to the end-client on show-site that their staging company has given care and thought to deliver on the vision for the event. Furthermore, uniquely designed and detailed cases help the professionals in the field, on show-site, validate very quickly that all the pieces of gear have arrived in full. This allows for efficient set, use and strike, saving time which converts to increased margins for our clients, as well as extremely minimizing missing pieces of gear and the potential billing for that gear.

Tom: What does an ideal customer look like? 

Bret: Our ideal customer is vested in their company and technology. They own gear so they “get it” and they’re all in. Commitment like that drives innovation.

It’s also important that we both see value in the same things such as being like-minded in our approach to supporting clients – us to them, them to their end-clients, all done ethically to establish ongoing relationships. It’s important that we are on the same page.

Tom: Tell us how you see the marketplace evolving and how that affects demand for your services.

Bret: We see a bright future, but we’re also very aware of the current challenges and we work toward solutions that are sustainable. However, we’re also seeing downward market pressure and increased competition which drives change. This isn’t surprising, but makes it all the more important for Nationwide to maintain our quality, integrity, and consistency.

Tom: What’s something that you will stay true to in spite of market changes?

Bret: A couple things: We’ve offered freight-free shipping for 16 years. We also respect the layers of our industry, and this has continued to serve us well.

Tom: It’s always exciting to see what you have added to their inventory and hear the inside scoop of what technologies live event companies are sourcing these days. What are the most interesting technology trends that will affect your customers in the next several years?

Bret: We’re seeing a trend toward in-house software and server development. We’ll need to carefully consider how this affects subrenting supplemental servers.

In the near future, laser projection and 4K display technology will be on the rise. We’ll see the industry looking at ways to incorporate this technology with the right content. Projection mapping is also growing as a tool for communicating and engaging audiences. We’ll start to see additional technology and products surface in support of mapping and enhancing the end-result.

Tom: What is something your company can do or provide that surprises new customers?

12036364_10208204418174705_1924745125241115272_nBret: When prospective clients call us initially, it’s because they’ve had different experiences elsewhere – and they’re looking for solutions, not just gear. They’ve heard about our reputation for gear depth and diversification, detailed service and quality across the organization. We work with them to earn the opportunity to do what we do – every process internally is about them first.

I think the realization occurs upon completion of an order or two with us that the “traditional wholesale box house perception” couldn’t be further from the truth today when it comes to working with our team. We understand where our clients are coming from, and why we’ve been chosen to work for them. We provide customized solutions that relieve pain points relentlessly.

Our clients know they can come to us to get elite products and service, at clear, understandable rental rates that make smart business sense.

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