Sponsor Profile: LASSO Workforce Management Solutions

I recently sat down with Angela Alea, President of LASSO, and received a demonstration of their workforce management solution. While there seem to be a lot of products and matchmaking services for professional labor appearing in the marketplace, LASSO got my attention with its ability to share information in real time while leveraging data to forecast true labor costs, travel, and utilization.

Tom Stimson: Angela, thank you for sponsoring AV Matters. As you and I have discussed, I have a passion about staffing. My first company was a staffing business for AV Technicians and Stagehands and much of my business career has revolved around putting the best people on jobs and getting them paid. So I was very excited to learn about what LASSO provides. Could you explain what it does and who would benefit from it?

Angela Alea: Of course, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with the industry. LASSO’s software addresses a supply and demand issue we see in the Events & Creative Services industry. Our software is built for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) that manage short-term labor for events or other projects. LASSO is a solution that handles many functions that can be challenging for smaller companies with many moving parts, but it’s highly scalable and can grow with you.

Tom: Don’t most of these companies already have people to schedule and manage part-time support?

Angela: Of course, but making the process efficient and accurate is vitally important. Short-term labor is difficult to find, schedule and manage. LASSO provides a full-cycle solution and gives companies visibility for hiring decisions, whether it’s availability, quality, labor costs (accounting for fringe and travel by state), full time vs. part time, or compliance. We also provide Time & Attendance and Payroll solutions that integrate with Scheduling for easy accounting and payment.

Tom: There are so many changes going on in employee classification, Affordable Care Act provisions, and retirement benefits. From the demo it looks like you are trying to address some important reporting needs?

Angela: LASSO gives you the data you need to properly categorize employees, schedule with true cost considered and stay compliant. Tom, as you know, there’s a huge change in the market with full time employment declared at 30 hours per week averaged over a look-back period. As a result, some companies are unknowingly not providing benefits to contractors or part time employees who are classified as full time employees according to the law.

Tom: I know that compliance and regulations are important, but what other features in LASSO are your customers most excited about?

Angela: Based on our many conversations in the market, the headache of scheduling is a huge hurdle, but the uncovered potential savings are shocking once you can actually see the data. Many of the people who we talk to don’t know if they’ve gone in the red on an event until after the fact! Our mobile app is also very exciting; being able to manage your event on the go is a huge benefit.

Tom: I think you had me at potential savings, but mobile app is exciting too. How can someone learn more?

Angela: A demo of our software is the best way to see the real-time changes that are the nature of the business – you’ll be able to see the administrator side and our mobile app used by the field team and potential talent for your events. You can request a demo on our website: www.lassoworkforce.com.

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