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AV Stumpfl USA is A Gold Sponsor and longtime supporter of AV Matters newsletter and website. Tom Stimson had a chance to catch up with Briana Yule, Sales and Customer Service Supervisor.

Briana Yule AVS w/ captionTom Stimson: Briana, thanks for sitting down with me. You’ve become the face of customer service at AV Stumpfl US – anyone that has visited your booth at InfoComm or LDI has surely met you. What is it like to work in this crazy business?

Briana Yule: For being such a large industry, it feels very small. Our customers band together to help one another in a pinch, share ideas and stories which progresses the industry as a whole.

Tom: I take it that is not what you expected?

Briana: Coming from the opposite end of the spectrum with a background in medical, I was most surprised about the laid back atmosphere that comes with the Audio Visual industry. In a rush situation, they are still relaxed and focused on the details of the event/show as opposed to being in a tailspin.

Tom: Not everyone has heard of AV Stumpfl. What’s your elevator pitch?

Briana: Ok, here it goes…AVS sells innovative, high quality projection screens and accessories. We work with our customers to provide everything from standard, portable folding screens to custom designed, permanent installs. We go above and beyond to exceed each client’s expectations.

Tom: Brilliant! AVS is known as a game changer, but with the evolution of projection equipment, why are screens still important?

Briana: With all the changes in the marketplace especially in terms of technology, a superior projection screen will always be needed to give the customer the best image possible. When so much of content is now HD video, you want only the best in projection surfaces. Our customers look to our products to provide the durability and flexibility they need to ensure that content shines.

Tom: I have to add that AVS is really well-known for its frame technology. They are super-durable, right?

Briana: Our customers are most excited about the quality of our product. Our frames last a long time with little or no maintenance and your image won’t develop a sag from prolonged use. Rental companies appreciate that! But in addition to that, we back that up with a five-year warranty. Our customers know that their capital expenditure will deliver great ROI for a long, long time.

Franklin Moore AVS w/ captionTom: For someone who didn’t grow up in AV, you seem to understand what makes us tick. What’s the hot product or latest trend in screens?

Briana: Our newer products, the borderless Full White, Curve, and Full White Curve are getting more and more attention each day. They provide custom designs for all applications and a level of elegance for any event.

Tom: These are the screens I am seeing that look like the float in space, right? Where can folks learn more?

Briana: To learn more about AV Stumpfl USA and our products you can visit www.avstumpflusa.com. To get the best personalized experience you can either inquire at info@avstumpflusa.com or call 800-553-0961 and speak directly with our expert sales team.

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