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Predict, Then Project

The vast majority of my readers use the calendar year as their fiscal year. That means that on December 31st, they close their books, add up the score, then begin a new year. In sports you are not supposed to be thinking about the next game until the current game is over, but in business we don’t have the luxury of waiting. The things we need to do to succeed in the coming year often require our attention well in advance. Will your business grow? Should you hire more employees? How much new capital should you invest? And, what results do you expect from these actions? Continue reading

Misplaced Optimism and the Transactional Mindset of Pro-AV

If I told you that the economy was great, your business will grow for another year, and over 60% of your industry peers agree – what then would be your biggest concern? This is not exactly how InfoComm’s Market Research team framed the questions in their recent “Pro-AV Business Index” for January 2017, but your responses really got me thinking. Continue reading

What Does Outcome-Based Selling Mean to Operations?

I have written (many times) about what it takes to profitably grow a production rental business. You need smart business processes, the ability to oversell, and a compelling value proposition. The “oversell” part of the equation – combined with the outcome-based language required to engage valuable customers – is rather scary to a lot of operationally-drive companies. The underlying concern is, “We need to know exactly what we are going to do before we promise to do it.” Unfortunately, that is not Continue reading