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Infocomm 2016 Live Events Forum

The volunteers of InfoComm’s Live Events Council put together a great event in Las Vegas – one that many of you are still talking about. The Live Events Forum brought together strategic buyers from across the industry to talk about how, why, and when they select and work with suppliers. Watch the video below to catch up on what you missed from the Live Events Forum.

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Webinar on The Language of Outcome-Based Selling

In this 60 minute webinar, project sales expert Tom Stimson explains the fundamentals of outcome-based selling.

“I was listening raptly and taking a ton of notes – – I recognize in myself the success I have when I’m more outcome based than transactional, and now I realize habits that I can redirect – that is my long way of saying THANK YOU for a powerful and cogent webinar.” – ​Frank Berman, Berman Media Services, Inc.

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Overcoming Single Level Objections

There is a reason that automobiles have a reverse gear. Sometimes you have moved as far forward as you can and in order to get anywhere you need to change your path. However, for some reason many sales representatives only have a forward gear. They move along a trajectory until they meet a seemingly immovable object, the client objection. An objection is a question, exclamation, protest, challenge, complaint, or correction posed by one of the negotiating parties. Continue reading

When Life Is Television

The TV series Mad Men is about people in the advertising business in the 1960’s, and the main character Don Draper drinks a lot and makes bad personal decisions. The show often uses real ad campaigns from the period and fictionalizes the pitches made to buyers. That alone is enough for me to watch. But what really intrigues me is Don Draper’s Four Rules of Selling. In the story, they work – as you would expect. Well, most of the time. Do they apply to real life? I wonder. Continue reading

How to Avoid Transactional Results in a High-Value World

We live and work in a service economy, but too much of our sales training is based on peddling transactions: When a customer has a need, we source the solution, assess our cost, add profit, and offer a price. In order to differentiate, we include “value-added” services, which may be as rudimentary as being pleasant up to the extreme customer service models that so few can afford. The fundamental problem with this simplistic view of how we make money is that our customers are far more complicated than that. Continue reading

A Lesson in Value from a Flea Market

My wife and I recently visited Cape Town, South Africa. It was a wonderful, once in a lifetime trip. As we often do on holiday, we sought out the local street markets. Cape Town is beautiful and friendly, but like any large city it has a seedier side. You take care where you go and keep your valuables tucked away. We wandered up to a square of souvenir sellers with the hopes of finding something to take back for gifts. Continue reading