What Does Outcome-Based Selling Mean to Operations?

I have written (many times) about what it takes to profitably grow a production rental business. You need smart business processes, the ability to oversell, and a compelling value proposition. The “oversell” part of the equation – combined with the outcome-based language required to engage valuable customers – is rather scary to a lot of operationally-drive companies. The underlying concern is, “We need to know exactly what we are going to do before we promise to do it.” Unfortunately, that is not Continue reading

Around the Table With Tom Stimson – Sales and Labor Tax Issues

Sales Tax and Labor compliance issues are not for the faint of heart. These Live Event/Production Rental CEO’s have been through the ringer and share what they have learned and how you can be better prepared when it’s your turn. Plus Tom Stimson summarizes the biggest takeaways and your Must-Do list to remain in compliance.

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Rethinking Budgeting for Business

Too many companies settle for the profit they make instead of working for the profit goal they have set. If 20% net profit is your goal, then write a budget that gets you there. Don’t compromise until you have reviewed all your options. That is true budget discipline. Continue reading