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Misplaced Optimism and the Transactional Mindset of Pro-AV

If I told you that the economy was great, your business will grow for another year, and over 60% of your industry peers agree – what then would be your biggest concern? This is not exactly how InfoComm’s Market Research team framed the questions in their recent “Pro-AV Business Index” for January 2017, but your responses really got me thinking. Continue reading

Selling from Cost: What Are Your Services Worth?

Let’s make more money right now. Grab your P&L statement for the last twelve months and compare your labor income and your direct expense for labor. Your labor revenue are the charges for all the people you provide in order to stage an event or production or complete an installation. Your labor expense is the corresponding cost for those people (hint: your staff folks are an expense even if you don’t track them by job). Include all of their compensation including non-billable time. You will end up with all labor income compared to all direct labor both inside and outside. Go ahead, I can wait a minute. Continue reading

Saved By Proposal

As an advisor, there is nothing more cringe-worthy to me than hearing a sales team discuss how their proposal is supposed to win a piece of business. “We need to blow them away.” Agreed, but if we are relying on the proposal – have we done everything we should have done to develop the opportunity? Not every proposal is a make or break moment, but I might be wrong about that. If you are trying to grow or increase your margins, then arguably every opportunity matters. Are you really going to stake your business on a proposal? Continue reading

Three Keys to Growing a Rental & Staging Business

This article was originally published in the May 2016 issue of Entertainment Technology Asia

Growing a Rental and Staging business has never actually been easy, but today it seems like anyone can get into the game. Competition is fierce, products and services increasingly commoditized, and getting ahead seems harder. How do you grow, make money, and not collapse under your own weight? There are three key best practices that will keep your rental business vibrant. Continue reading

Infocomm 2016 Live Events Forum

The volunteers of InfoComm’s Live Events Council put together a great event in Las Vegas – one that many of you are still talking about. The Live Events Forum brought together strategic buyers from across the industry to talk about how, why, and when they select and work with suppliers. Watch the video below to catch up on what you missed from the Live Events Forum.

Continue reading

Webinar on The 10 Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

In this 60 minute webinar, Tom Stimson – the Management Guru of the AV Industry will explain 10 Myths that are hurting your Live Event or Production Rental business.

“Thank you for yet another wonderful webinar! I always come away from them with at least one golden nugget of info and the positive knowledge that yes I am on track. Keep up the great work.” – ​Melissa Deslauriers, Assistant Director of Sales, Freeman Audio Visual Canada

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