About AV Matters

AV Matters, launched in 2006, was developed by Tom Stimson of The Stimson Group as a monthly resource for those involved or interested in the AV industry. Since 1981, Tom has held or performed just about every role available in the Live Events and Audiovisual industries, served as President (2010) and Board Member (2005-2011) of InfoComm International, is published regularly in trade magazines, and serves as a keynote speaker at major industry events.

AV Matters continues to deliver thought leadership for the audiovisual industry

He shares over 25 years of experience as a senior manager or executive through his timely, relevant, and thought-provoking articles in order to help companies seize opportunities for improvement. The Stimson Group is dedicated to helping its clients Discover the Next Step.

With an audience of over 5,000 subscribers, AV Matters continues to deliver thought leadership on the audio-visual business with the input of carefully selected contributors that provide new and unique insights into the industry and how industry members can thrive.

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Tom Stimson